BC Bricklayers

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BAC2BC  "The Craft is Back 604-584-2021"

Local 2 BC. British Columbia & Yukon Territory

12309 Industrial Road, Surrey, BC V3V 3S4

Phone: 604 - 584-2021  Fax 604 - 584-2022

www.bac2bc.org              info@bac2bc.org

BAC Local  2 BC has collective agreements with over 20 refractory and corrosion companies,20 commercial/institutional red brick, stone and restoration companies, and 11 tile, terrazzo and marble contractors. Our office can help you with benefits plans, job posting and the out of work list. Area Stewards and Regional Chapter Chairs are in place throughout B.C. This local has the first union run Masonry Craft Worker Training Center in Western Canada, offering bricklaying, tilesetting, marble masonry, plastering, specialized craft training and safety programs for members. Call the office at 604-854-2021 604-584-2021and talk to the officers and staff about the opportunities in B.C. and the Yukon for new members and travelers from other BAC locals.

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