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Local 2 BC. British Columbia & Yukon Territory

12309 Industrial Road, Surrey, BC V3V 3S4

Phone: 604 - 584-2021  Fax 604 - 584-2022

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We have a Facebook page now called BC Bricklayers and Tilesetters.  It can be found at www.facebook.com/BAC2BC 

There is a BAC2BC group attached to the page which is specifically for members of this Local who are in good standing.


Consider this...No one, anywhere, in any economic class of our society can live their life without a bricklayer, tilesetter, refractory or corrosion specialist bricklayer. Think about it and point it out to anyone within earshot...where does paper come from? where does the aluminum foil come from, where does plastic come from, where does the fuel for our vehicles come from, where is the food prepared before it comes to our grocery stores? Pulp and Paper Mills, Smelters, Pump Houses, Incinerators, Co-Gens. Where does your diseased gall bladder end up? How are your family members cremated. Our members work under difficult conditions with skill and hard work so the office workers, lawyers etc can have paper to print on and computers to work on. Every smart phone is dependent on a smelter somewhere or a refinery right? Every restaurant needs tilesetters, every school, hospital, city hall needs our tilesetters, bricklayers. We make a difference. Everywhere.

Geoff Higginson.

BAC now has a new toll free number, toll free across Canada and the US.  1 - 855-584-2021

Attention Bricklayers:

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NEW POST  Attention Members:

The Surrey Chapter Meeting will be held at 7:00 On Wed April 5 at Industrial Road, Surrey (Union Hall)

Prince George Chapter meeting will be held  at 7:00 on Wed, April 19, at the Ramada Hotel, 444 George St., Prince George

The Victoria Chapter meeting is TBA when accomodations are available

Attention Members:

There is a new post on the members page regarding work in Alberta

                                                            April 24, 2017

                                                  IUBAC Local #2 Union Hall

                                  12309 Industrial Road,  Surrey,  B.C.  V3V 3S4

                  If an election is necessary,  it shall be conducted by mail referendum.

                               Article XI.1.A.5,  Nominations,  Local Union Officers

       " A member may not be nominated unless the member is present at the time of nomination, 

       except if the member has filed with the Secretary-Tresurer before the Nominations Meeting a

       written affidavit stating that the member will serve in a specific office if elected."

        Fred Goldie                                                                Geoff Higginson

        Secretary-Treasurer                                                    President (Interim)


Keep a lookout for this envelope in your upcoming mail

Special bulletin regarding The Canadian 2017  Bates Scolorship    On The Members Page

Special Notice: Posted - May 27/2017

Notice: All members working in AB if you want to have your benefit contributions reciprocated back to our plans (H and W and/or Pension) here in BC you need to make sure you filled out a reciprocal form if the employer didn't already make one available. Sharon can email you a pre-filled form that you just fill in your info and send to FAS administrators.



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